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Storage of ADR goods in Maribor |

Company F.A. MAIK d.o.o. has established itself as a reliable and successful business partner with over 25 years of experience. We provide high quality services in the field of transport, logistics and storage of ADR goods in Maribor. 

Our offer includes:

  • Storage of ADR goods Maribor
  • Transportation of goods
  • Commissioning of goods
  • Freight forwarding services
  • Other services


Storage of ADR goods in Maribor 

We have 20,000 m² of storage area in total. There is a modern storage of hazardous substances (ADR) available as well as storage capacity of 30,000 pallet places, high shelf storehouse and assigned area for commissioning of goods

Storage of ADR goods Maribor is taking place in our business unit in Maribor, at Perhavčeva 10, and the warehouse is planned to increase in the coming years in order to offer even better and higher quality services.

The quality of our services has been recognized by partners from Europe, the Baltic States, Russia in Kazakhstan, as we only provide the best. The storage of ADR goods in Maribor and other services are performed in accordance with strict safety standards and international regulations.

In the future, we remain focused on providing quality, competitive and timely services, whether it is the storage of ADR goods in Maribor, customs operations or transport.

For any additional information please contact us.

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