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Chocolate shop Ljubljana |

Our company Čokoladnica Cukrček  is a family company which has many years of love and dedication to produce top-quality handmade chocolate products. All of our products are lead by innovativeness, which is reflected in the divine flavors of products. 

Our products are available under the brand name Cukrček.

Where is the best Chocolate shop in Ljubljana available?

Our stores are available in several different locations in Ljubljana.

CUKRČEK, Chocolate Shop Ljubljana is currently available:

  • Robbov vodnjak, Ciril Metodov trg 19,
  • on Miklošičeva 4,
  • on Trubarjeva 20,
  • in Mercator center Ljubljana.


Chocolate shop Ljubljana

Tastes of chocolate which we are particularly proud of are made out of apple pie, salt,  chilli, red pepper, etc.

We only use quality ingridients. Therefore, our chocolate is made exclusively from cocoa, which comes from Latin and Central America. Quality materials and raw materials give the appearance of an exclusive product, the taste will take far and beyond.

We can offer you:

Chocolate bars
Chocolate boxes
Chocolate Souvenirs
Chocolate spread
Diabetic products
Fruit in chocolate
Fruit in chocolate in dose
Hot chocolate
Prešeren's chocolate candy
For any questions related to the chocolate shop Ljubljana visit us at the above locations or check our website 
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