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JEREMIC in PIRC družba za razvoj inovacij d.o.o.

JEREMIC in PIRC družba za razvoj inovacij d.o.o.

Ljubljanska cesta 4A, 1295 Ivančna Gorica
Kinetic reactor Slovenia |

In company JEREMIC in PIRC družba za razvoj inovacij d.o.o. we are offering you exceptional water filtration solutions. You will not find a better offer in Slovenia, as we have developed a unique technology - a kinetic reactor water filter, which is effective both at home and in professional environments.

The kinetic reactor for water filtration has been developed in Slovenia in such a way that it enables water treatment without additional energy and chemicals. It uses the existing water flow to operate, so the solution is economical, safe and easy.


Kinetic reactor Slovenia

If you are interested about the solution that is currently the best in the field of water filtration in Slovenia, do not miss the technologies from our offer.

The solution was developed by an experienced and trained team, who had in mind the end users, who need affordable and functional solutions.

Contact us at the above contact details and you, like many users from Slovenia, will get a kinetic reactor water filter, which will not dissappoint you.

We look forward to working with you.
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