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LES-KRO podjetje za proizvodnjo pohištva Sevnica d.o.o.

LES-KRO podjetje za proizvodnjo pohištva Sevnica d.o.o.

Savska cesta 24, 8290 Sevnica

High quality hotel furniture Europe |

The company is synonymous with high quality hotel furniture.

Across Europe, we have satisfied customers who appreciate, that in addition to high quality hotel furniture, we also provide a good price and short delivery times.

With our help you will reliably equip your hotel with visually attractive and functional features.


High quality hotel furniture Europe

We are proud to have been synonymous with high quality furniture in Europe for a long time. You will have a hard time finding a better deal in Europe, as we offer everything from consulting, manufacturing to assembly.

We have a state-of-the-art company, and we employ experts with experience and knowledge who can fulfil even the most demanding wishes of our clients.

If you want to convince yourself that we are the best partner for you, if you are looking for "High quality hotel furniture Europe", please contact us. We are happy to show you our solutions and help you to make your hotel rooms more than comfortable.

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