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In the company ADAMLJE 3 D.O.O. we help you do business efficiently and smartly. We use advanced technologies, programs, solutions such as Wallpost software itialuS and we are looking for ways how domestic and foreign companies can be better.

We strive to make business easier, faster, and that companies make smart decisions to continually improve their productivity.

We mainly deal with the field of accounting, tax consulting, and related services.


Wallpost software itialuS 

For successful companies, family businesses, start-ups who want to grow, develop, have satisfied employees, and excellent business results we are the right partner. 

We have experience and knowledge. We are separated from the competition by a personal, friendly attitude, honesty, and responsibility. At the same time, we strive for affordability and responsiveness.

Whenever you need us, we help you. We resolve all accounting issues effectively for the benefit of your business, of course in accordance with applicable laws.

If you want to know more, contact us and we will present to you in more detail how we work, what solutions we use, everything you want to know about Wallpost software itialuS and more. 

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