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MOST d.o.o., proizvodnja strojev in naprav Rakek

MOST d.o.o., proizvodnja strojev in naprav Rakek

Podskrajnik 67, 1380 Cerknica

Quality sawmills European Union |

Our MOST D.O.O., Rakek is established in twenty European countries as an efficient, professional, flexible business partner. We design, manufacture and instal high quality sawmills in the European Union but in our offer you can find much more. 

We are available for: 

  • Quality sawmills European Union
  • Transportation devices
  • Specialty machines


Quality sawmills European Union

The highest quality components are used, demanding minimal or no maintenance for the machines and devices.

Our vision is to satisfy every wish and demand of our clients and offer affordable hardware and quality sawmills that are produced in accordance with European safety standards.

Our work is based on more than 30 years of experience and expertise and a large circle of satisfied customers is certainly a great asset.

Each line or machine is tailored to the individual user and ensures easy, fast and reliable operation.

Because we want to remain a successful, technologically advanced, cost-effective and highly versatile professional company, we offer our clients:

  • excellent quality / price ratio
  • quick response 
  • respecting deadlines

For additional questions regarding Quality sawmills European Union please contact us or visit our website!

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