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Quality power plants engineering |

We at KORONA INŽENIRING D.D. deal with challenges of modern energetics. We build, renovate and modernize devices and facilities in the energy and industry sectors. We offer complete solutions and different services in the field of quality power plants engineering and automation of processes. 

Our solutions: 

  • Quality power plants engineering 
  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Systems for Control and Supervision
  • Operational and Strategic Managment and Decision-Making
  • Energy Provisioning  in Industrial Plants
  • Petroleum Derivates Warehousing
  • Renewale Energy Sources
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Infrastructure


Quality power plants engineering 

If you are searching for an expert for quality power plants engineering, with us on board, you can be sure your project will reflect the energy, enthusiasm and expertise necessary for success.

We perform high quality power plants engineering services for 

  • Hydro Power Plants
  • Thermal Power Plants
  • Solar Power Plants
  • Wind Power Plants
  • Gas-fired Power Plants
  • Cogenerations

By ourselves or with partners, we are able to carry out the entire project of a new construction or renovation, based on the turnkey system. 

For any additional information related to your search for "quality power plants engineering" please contact us. 

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