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Production of interior furniture Europe |

If you are looking for a business partner in the field of interior furniture production, you came to the right address. 

The main activity of our company LES-KRO D.O.O. from Sevnica, Slovenia is fast, affordable and quality production of interior furniture that is known among customers from all over Europe. 

We run our successful business for more than 30 years and we are happy to help you as well if you need services such as development and production of interior furniture in Europe. We also take care of installation of interior furniture and equipment by request. 


Production of interior furniture Europe

We can offer our customers:

  • assistance in the development,
  • production of interior furniture with the best materials
  • assembly.

But not only we can offer quality and affordable production of interior furniture, with company connections of subcontractors in different fields, but we can also offer you a complete range of equipment of the premises like:

- floor tiling

- curtains

- lights

- various electrical appliances

The largest part of our business and production of interior furniture is the equipment of hotels. In addition to hotels, we also equip offices and homes.

Our advantage in the production of interior furniture Europe is that we are able to realize a larger order in a short time and offer competitive prices. 

Contact us for more information and additional questions about the production of interior furniture  Europe or visit our website! We are looking to successful cooperation with you.  

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