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Hot briquetted iron Venezuela |

SODALIS D.O.O. we are a globally oriented company from Slovenia. With our products and services worldwide, we provide the best solutions in the field of metallurgy and mining.

Users of our products, such as hot briquetted iron are found mainly in Venezuela, Canada, North America, Asia and Africa.


Hot briquetted iron Venezuela

We are the leading manufacturers of iron briquetting systems. They are sophisticated as they are the result of our knowledge and experience. 

In addition to providing you with hot briquetted iron in Venezuela and elsewhere, we also provide:

  • Segments
  • Roller core for roller press
  • Screw feeder shaft
  • Screw feeder housing
  • Cheek plate
  • Bearing housing
  • Other spare parts
  • Assembling segments and maintaining roller press

Hot briquetted iron is also known as direct reduced iron and is compacted into a brick-shaped mass called briquette. It contains 92% of iron.

If you are looking for the best offer for hot briquetted iron Venezuela we have the right solution for you. Our goal is to provide you with hot briquetted iron in Venezuela or anywhere as soon as possible and at an affordable price.

Contact us for more information, orders, and cooperation regarding hot briquetted iron Venezuela.

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