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The Agricultural Institute of Slovenia is the leading research institute in the field of agriculture in Slovenia. It comprehensively deals with the issues of modern agriculture and is expanding its activities into the fields of environmental protection and ecology. It employs 187 workers, of which 89 are researchers.

The Agricultural Institute of Slovenia is a public research institute that performs fundamental, applied and development research and specialist tasks in agriculture, publishes the results of scientific research work as well as professional and supervision work, performs tasks based on authorisations and accreditations and checks the quality of agricultural products and products used in agriculture. The Institute also engages in the training of producers, education of young persons and consultation for various users in agriculture.


Agriculture Slovenia

Areas of activity:

  • crop science and olericulture with seed science
  • genetics, breeding, preservation selection and gene banks in agriculture
  • animal production (cattle production, pig production, apiculture)
  • fruit science, viticulture and winemaking,
  • plant and environment protection,
  • supervision of fertility and quality of agricultural land,
  • ecology of the agricultural space,
  • soil utilisation and protection,
  • analyses of soil, mineral and organic fertilisers, animal feed, honey, remains of pesticides, plant protection products, wine, must and spirit drinks,
  • agricultural engineering and energetics and
  • economics of agriculture.

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